Upcoming Project For Second Quarter of 2019.



We have pleasure in securing this exciting new restoration project of this bungalow that will benefit from modernisation and extension.

The loft will be converted into a Dormer, that will adapt this property for modern living and amenities. This will also increase the occupancy that it will accommodate (an extra 2/3 occupants).

Ground floor kitchen area will be extended by 4 meters into the garden, with improved layout.

We plan to begin 1st fix at the end of April, this will include all new plumbing (including underfloor heating and radiators), electrical work to accommodate new sockets and lighting in new room layout and windows to entire property.

Harmon CPS has over 20 years of experience, and always adopts the best practices as well as premium quality of service in carrying out any home renovation or modernisation project large or small. If you are nervous about approaching such an undertaking or simply don't know where to begin then don't hesitate and contact us.

Head over to our YouTube channel for further info and some sneak preview videos there will be updates as the project unfolds with an estimated completion time of approx 3 months.

More and more home owners are choosing this route to their extisting properties. This is a significantly cheaper outlay for the square footage achieved when works are completed, with the added benefit that you can improve areas of the home that did not accomodate modern living, such as the layout of the rooms, or adding an on-suite shower/bathroom.

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