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Large Scale Rennovations and Extensions

As the size of your Family grows, your original property may not scale up to accomodate the increasing number of occupants. This may begin by being the number of toilets, showers or bathrooms.

For some families moving is not an option, as your children may be settled in their current school, or the finacial outlay involved prohibits this option.

More and more home owners are choosing the route of home renovation and modernisation to their extisting properties. This is a significantly cheaper outlay for the square footage achieved when works are completed, with the added benefit that you can improve areas of the home that did not accomodate modern living, such as the layout of the rooms, or adding an on-suite shower/bathroom.

You can make the changes YOU want

Whether you want a total or partial redesign or remodelling, refurbishments are personal and with Harmon CPS we make sure we understand your particular specification. It could be the replacement of broken or old fixtures or changing the position of several features, or a completely new design. If you’re experiencing any issues with regards to plumbing, it might be time to consider a redesign. In addition to this you can step up the efficiency of your home with regards to the amount of water and energy that is consumed.

It doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive

The charge doesn’t have to be outrageous, you don’t need a really big budget for this and you can achieve a lot by making changes in key areas. It is not a must to do all the replacements all at once. Also, this is a good opportunity to declutter your home and improve the layout of the rooms.

Basically, your property is the 'hub' for your Family and plays a big role for both you and your visitors, so it is important that you keep its quality on the same level as the existing areas.

Harmon CPS has over 20 years of experience, and always adopts the best practices as well as premium quality of service in carrying out any rennovation or modernisation project large or small. If you are nervous about approaching such an undertaking or simply don't know where to begin then don't hesitate and contact us.

Head over to our YouTube channel for further info and some sneak preview videos to show the full range of renovation tasks that we cover.

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